Become A Dealer


Factory Brand

INOVATO is a superior irrigation equipment manufacturer that designs and produces pop-up sprinklers, nozzles, solenoid valves, and other products for various fields that have been widely used in landscapes, gardens, turf, greenhouse irrigation, and other fields.

Competitive Productions

With a strong R&D team, INOVATO can consistently develop and produce industry-leading products. The company focuses on delivering precise product positioning and offers high-performance HF series rotors, as well as the compact GF & SF series pop-up sprinkler designed specifically for gardens.

Excellent Quality

INOVATO has around two decades of experience in designing and manufacturing irrigation equipment. The company boasts advanced inspection equipment and a testing lab, committed to delivering high-quality products.

Professional Marketing support

INOVATO has launched a global agency marketing empowerment program, which provides full assistance to resellers and dealers.

Large Production Capacity

Our annual production capacity is over 20000 tons, to meet the needs of different customers with varying purchase quantities.

High-End Target Market

We specialize in creating high-quality products that meet international standards. Our products are primarily exported to Europe, America, East Asia, the Middle East, and other global markets.


Our dealership has established a fair and transparent screening process for all applicants. Your application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

• Availability of existing dealers in your country or region.

• Gain insights into the irrigation equipment market, including its capacity, competition, sales levels, and current status in your area.

• Having the capability to efficiently represent and promote our brand.

INOVATO aims to ensure that our sales products are distributed only through capable and trustworthy dealers.


INOVATO, a leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment, will provide comprehensive support to our dealers and retailers. Our goal is to create a worldwide network of exceptional agents. We hope to build enduring, stable, and mutually beneficial business partnerships in marketing and sales by providing the necessary resources and support for success.

Customized Marketing

INOVATO offers various marketing materials such as detailed product manuals to help our retailers quickly and effectively learn about the products. Our marketing department provides product images, poster designs, videos, and websites to support your efforts.

Incentives For Sales

INOVATO offers a dealer rating system with different price concessions, including base discounts and achievement rewards. Successful dealers are rewarded with extra accessories, freight discounts, and bonuses.

After-Sales Support

With replacement part lists and common fault & solution handbooks INOVATO provided, our dealers can easily deal with a few glitches themselves. Our dealers can also receive repairs and after-sales services from our always-available after-sales team and quality control department.

Annual Exchange And Visit

INOVATO welcomes dealers to our factory for an in-depth study and exchange of industry trends and product processes. Our regional manager and executives will visit the dealer area regularly to conduct field visits and discuss more reasonable sales targets for dealers.

Marketing & Sales Strategy

Unlike many irrigation equipment manufacturers in China that fail to provide adequate marketing and sales support for their dealers, INOVATO stands out by offering such support. At INOVATO, we develop a custom marketing plan for each retailer based on their individual strengths and target market. Our website, along with promotional channels such as WeChat Official Account, Facebook, and YouTube, can be utilized to drive traffic to your promotions and offers. Besides, we will discuss the exhibition schedule for next year in your area and will send our staff and provide samples to support it.

Looking for an exciting opportunity to join a team that values your skills and expertise? Look no further than the INOVATO family! We're currently seeking talented irrigation equipment dealers to join our ranks and take advantage of our comprehensive support program. As a member of our team, you'll enjoy access to cutting-edge tools and resources, ongoing training and development opportunities, and much more.

So why wait? Apply today and start your journey with INOVATO! With our top-notch resources and comprehensive support, you'll have everything you need to succeed in the irrigation industry.

How to Become a Dealer

Sign The Dealer Agreement

Partner with a reputable irrigation equipment manufacturer and receive comprehensive product documentation to easily understand our products.

Place Your Order

As an irrigation equipment dealer, you’ll upgrade for every order you place. The more you sell, the higher grade you reach, the more discount and bonus you’ll get.

Manage Your Market

Once you become our dealer, we will assign the existing customers in the region to you, and you will be responsible for fulfilling their orders. You will also need to maintain the market and provide some basic after-sales services in your area.

Ongoing Support

Our team of technicians and after-sales representatives are always available to provide repair and maintenance services to you.

Details of Worldwide Agents