What is the best time to water the lawn?


Are you tired of wondering when to water your lawn? The good news is that the answer is simpler than you think! Let me help you figure out the best time to water your precious greenery.

The earlier, the better.

The optimal time for watering plants is during the pre-dawn hours, specifically between 4:30 and 5 a.m., before the sun’s ascent. This allows ample opportunity for the water to effectively penetrate the soil before the onset of daylight. Furthermore, any residual moisture on the foliage will have an opportunity to dissipate once the sun has risen.


It is advisable to avoid watering plants in the afternoon because the water is likely to evaporate quickly due to the high temperature and strong sun rays.

Watering plants deeply at night can be detrimental to their health, especially during hot and humid weather conditions. The excess moisture can increase the chances of fungal diseases and other related issues.


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Post time: Mar-04-2024